About the Board

The Adamawa Post Primary Schools Management Board (PPSMB) is an arm of the Adamawa state Ministry of Education. It was established in May 1995. The board is directly responsible for the control and administration of

  • About 800 government secondary schools
  • Over 300,000 secondary school students and
  • Over 10 thousand teaching and non-teaching staff.

The board is primarily composed of the following members:

  • A part-time chairman
  • An Executive Secretary
  • Two members of the public selected on the basis of merit, one of whom must be a woman
  • One member representing the teaching profession
  • Two representatives of the Ministry of Education
  • One representative each of
    • Ministry of Finance; and
    • Ministry of Justice.
  • 9 directors of the various sections and
  • About 100 staff members.

a)      ‘’The Executive Secretary ‘’ is the chief Executive and Accounting officer of the Board.

b)      The Executive Secretary.

i)     Has a minimum of 10 years experience in educational Organization

ii)   Has an Education Background

iii)  Has been a principal of a grade 1 school.

c)       The Executive Secretary is appointed by the Governor through the recommendation of the Commissioner of Education.